'Glowing Brilliantly:
Exhibition of Daisuke Nakano's Nihonga Paintings

Dec. 7 (Thu.) to 13 (Wed.)

Forms with links to the ancient past, brilliant colors that course with lifeblood, and lines that seem to live and breathe. These are the paintings I strive to create.

Daisuke Nakano, nihonga painter
Nakano was born in Kyoto Prefecture in 1974. He exhibited his first work (as a Japanese expressionist) at the age of 19 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. Nakano has exhibited large works (roughly 3 meters / 10 feet wide) every year, using large animals as a central theme in his efforts to achieve compositions that feel powerful and lively. The artist has redefined his focus in recent years, utilizing unique, nihonga-influenced materials and spatial perceptions alongside plant- and flower-related subjects such as ume apricots and cherry blossoms.