June. 15 (Thu.) to June. 28 (Wed.), 2017

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Dennis Chan, creative director of Qeelin—a Hong Kong based jewelry brand with boutiques across the globe—will hold his first solo exhibition in Japan.
Dennis Chan is a remarkable artist whose works immediately sold out at an art show held in Shanghai last year.
With the panda as a motif, this exhibition will feature 16 Swarovski centered art pieces, which were created specifically for exhibition in Japan.
An excellent contemporary art piece is not just about the breakthrough in materials, art format and technology, but also the underlying cultural and social statement. HAHA PANDA is an art piece that promotes critical thinking integrating the values of harmony and individuality, globality and locality, as well as international and national communications.
“Panda” is a benevolent animal that represents traditional Chinese ideals: mellow, peaceful, and aloof from worldly success. “HAHA” is of no doubt,the universal language of laughter.
When the oh-so-simple pleasant appearance is placed under the context of society today, the curtains of “Harmony” are opened with implications and metaphors of the conflict between pursuing extravagance and returning to nature, the game between hero worship and worldview of great harmony, and in deeper sense the contrast in liberal values between East and West.

Dennis Chan, founder and Creative Director of Qeelin, an international fine jewelry brand, believes that creative has no boundaries, and he has been challenging himself on multi-discipline creative fields. Sculpture is Dennis's passion for self-release in pursuit of art.
During his professional career in Hong Kong, Europe and Japan, he has undertaken a number of notable and prestigious projects, including the 1997 Reunification ceremony official souvenir plus 33-meter-high Millennium Countdown Clock Tower for the Hong Kong Government. In 1997, he was named Artist of the Year in Hong Kong. As founder and creative director of fine jewelry brand Qeelin, Dennis fuses the essence of Chinese cultural heritage with the traditions and excellence of French luxury.
In sculpture, Dennis believes he has found a medium which enables him to more fully release his creative energies in a way which allows a more passionate and in-depth expression of his artistic sensibilities. Dennis is today presenting to you the culmination of his sculptural thinking and ideas which he has developed and brought to fruition over a gestation period of 10 years. The sculptures reflect China's rapid development in recent years as influenced by the pursuit and desire for personal consumer luxury yet in the context of a harmonious society.