Revolutionizing the Artistic World through Impressive Mineral-pigment Based Expression
Kazuyuki Futagawa Exhibition
Sep. 7 (Thu.) to 13 (Wed.)

Pioneering new expression in contemporary art through dedicated study and training rooted in Japanese tradition.

Created with careful, delicate strokes of the brush, Kazuyuki Futagawa's landscape paintings are a testament to his undeniable skill.
The outstanding expressiveness seen in his landscape works conveys the textures of trees and rock faces, the flow of water and the damp air of the forests, making the viewer feel as if they have personally stepped into the scene. The artist's peerless preliminary sketches, carried out one after the other with a focus on accuracy, together form the foundations of each work, and it is through these efforts that Futagawa incorporates the atmospheric qualities he senses in each place to achieve a wholly unique form of expression.
Futagawa exhibited his portrait piece, Byosa Nitai (a few seconds’ gesture), at the FACE 2014 Sompo Japan Art Award Exhibition and was honored with the Excellent Work Award. The event served as a major turning point in his career and has inspired him to focus more on portraits in recent years. Byosa Nitai was created by drawing two portraits of a woman with a slight time delay in between, and then displaying both together on a single, flat canvas, giving birth to an entirely new artistic form.
Traditionally, Japanese artists of the past have depicted scenes and subjects with time lapses on the same folding screen, scroll or other such medium. Therefore, Futagawa's novel idea actually represents dedicated study and training over time based on Japanese tradition in order to infuse contemporary expression with a novel approach and style. Furthermore, the artist has been lauded for his highly skilled expressive techniques, which have been employed to convey three-dimensionality, realistic texture and other aspects of the subjects in an impressive manner using only ink and the white space of the paper.

Kazuyuki Futagawa
Born in 1954 in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, Kazuyuki Futagawa studied at and graduated from Kanazawa College of Art. He then completed his master’s degree at the Department of Japanese Painting at Tokyo University of the Arts.
Yakushima Island is known for its humid and mossy forest of magnificent trees. Majestic, untouched natural beauty, which is beyond the control of human beings, has existed there since pre- historic times. For the first time as an artist, Futagawa stepped into the deep forest of Yakushima. He carefully observes mossy tree roots and leaves on branch tips and reproduces them with skillful brush strokes. His paintings reflect the way he looks at great nature in endless awe, along with his deep spirituality.
His works extend far beyond realism and are transformed into even more beautiful, splendid imaginary sceneries.
Recently Futagawa presented a series of realistic portraits painted in a gradation of Chinese ink, which further surprised and impressed the viewers.