July 27 (Thu.) to Aug. 9 (Wed.)

Expressing the energy of the era

Shinichi Hara's ENERGY SERIES depicts the flow of energy in white, a color that represents life, death, sacredness and hope.
Inspired by energies including rivers, wind, the Internet, electromagnetic waves, thoughts and more, which cross boundaries such as walls and even national borders, Hara lets the energy that issues involuntarily from his fingertips flow out onto the canvas to create dynamic works of art.
In contrast, his ICON series utilizes as motifs the symbols that function as communication tools in our lives. Hara created this series of works based on his belief that the spirit and energy of the era are concentrated specifically in these symbols which are used to achieve communication between people.

Shinichi Hara
Contemporary artist, art director
Visiting lecturer at Tama Art University and special lecturer at Tokyo Designer Gakuin
He has consecutively done the CD jackets and the graphic works of the hottest musicians in Japanese music scene for last twenty years. By collaborating with all of Ayumi Hamazaki’s works and other big-name musicians including GRAY, Eikichi Yazawa, he has created epoch-making CD jackets and graphic works representing the each time. In 2003, Shinichi Hara held the SHINICHI HARA Exhibition presenting his remarkable music graphics during these 25 years together at TV-Asahi UMI in Roppongi Hills.
And also he designed logo marks for superstars of the era, like Ayumi Hamazaki (musician), and Yu Darvish (baseball player), GLAY(rock band) and Mao Asada(figure sketer).
Not confined to the music graphics and art, he created a new art work for a new era merging robot and art, in collaboration with ZMP INC., the robot company which had released the first home-use humanoid robot in the world in April 2005.