The World of Nobuko Ishikawa
-The Japanese Jewellery Artist-
July. 6 (Thu.) to July. 12 (Wed.), 2017

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From a Japanese Woman—
Jewelry that reveals the beauty of Japanese women

Since the 1960s when Mrs. Nobuko Ishikawa started to search for jewelery suitable for Japanese women in the natural features of Japan, NOBUKO ISHIKAWA has created a unique world that expresses the aesthetic sense at the heart of the Japanese spirit. Our jewelry is characterized by its subtle beauty and depth of expression.
At Nobuko Ishikawa's atelier, highly skilled craftsmen who are also well-versed in ancient Japanese techniques, breathe life into every exquisite detail of the jewelery they create. Each piece is made by the same craftsmen throughout the production process. The intent is to continue producing expressions of beauty, amusement, and function made by this Japanese atelier.
NOBUKO ISHIKAWA crafts jewelery for women who age beautifully and enjoy expressing themselves. These pieces will add another layer of charm and bring out the beauty in every occasion for the women who wear them, and are made for people who enjoy their sophisticated style.
While drawing on the European jewelery tradition, with its amalgamation of the culture of the West and the East, NOBUKO ISHIKAWA creates highly original designs with craftsmanship that will continue to evolve in the future.

Nobuko Ishikawa began designing and producing jewelery in the 1960s. Her unique perspective is without parallel.
Drawing from a remarkable range of concepts such as the creation of heaven and earth, landscapes drawn from a longing for a strange faraway land, the elegant world of The Tale of Genji spun a thousand years ago in Japan, the world of Greek mythology, depictions of ancient Chinese patterns, and expressions of the four seasons of Japan—she continued to create works based on an aesthetic sense of dignity and elegance.
In recent years we have held a number of exhibitions including one in India in 2012, France in 2015 as the 45th anniversary of our founding, Spain in 2016, and also here in Japan. Each piece has a magnificent story and landscape. This exhibition was planned to provide the opportunity to view this jewelry from here in Japan that has traveled the world over.
Yoshie Ishikawa

Nobuko Ishikawa
1968 Completed Graduate School of Metal Carving at Tokyo University of the Arts Selected 3 times for Nitten (~1970)
1996 Solo exhibition (25th anniversary, JAPANESQUE Millennium - Sen Nen Ki - The Museum of Kyoto, Sogetsu Gallery)
1999 Solo exhibition (La Traverse'e Intemporelle - Traveling Beyond Time - Biarritz/Deauville, France)
2001 Solo exhibition (30th anniversary, NOBUKO ISHIKAWA JEWELERY SQUARE - The Sparkling Trail - Yebisu Garden Place)
2006 Solo exhibition (Ishikawa Nobuko Original Works, 40th Anniversary Archives, Tokyo National Museum, Horyuji Treasures Hall)
Other Judge for multiple contests such as the International Jewelry Art Exhibition, among others.
2012 Passed away at St. Luke's International Hospital during her tenure as President and CEO of NOBUKO ISHIKAWA