Three-dimensional arts
– Takeshi Uchibayasi & Akio Ohmori –

Week 1, Jan. 18 (Thu.) to 24 (Wed.)

This consecutive two-week exhibition features popular emerging and established three-dimensional artists who are active in a variety of different genres.
The first week (18th to 24th) showcases the artists Takeshi Uchibayasi and Aikio Ohmori. Uchibayashi crafts work based on themes of machinery, cities, space, time and geometry while using repurposed materials such as wood, metal, mineral ores and electronic parts. Ohmori, on the other hand, freely combines a variety of techniques such as wood carving, wetting/drying, and bronzing to create sculptures that overflow with the spark of life. The activities of both artists extend beyond the art world to cross-industry collaborations, including work with musicians and apparel brands.

Three-dimensional arts
– Yoshiro Iwaisako, Yuki Matsueda & Osamu Watanabe –

Week 2, Jan. 25 (Thu.) to 31 (Wed.)

The second week (25th to 31st) features three artists: Yoshiro Iwaisako, who utilizes the special traits in materials such as metals, plastics and metal foil to craft works based on animal motifs; Yuki Matsueda, who releases work based on the concept of "liberation", in which his subjects seem to literally fly out of the picture; and Osamu Watanabe, whose "fake cream art" is the culmination of his unique decorative-confectionery technique.
This will be an exhilarating performance by the top three-dimensional artists currently shaking up the art scene.
We look forward to your visit.