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Sojiro Takamura × Yukyo Yamamoto

Jul. 19 (Thu.) to 25 (Wed.)

Sojiro Takamura Sojiro Takamura Yukyo Yamamoto Yukyo Yamamoto

Sojiro Takamura is challenging himself in the contemporary world of art by creating new series of art with differing themes such as "tattoos", "tatami mats", "matoi (artwork wearing an ukiyo-e)", "Ancient Nara", "Ancient Kyoto", "cup noodles", and "portraits (politicians)", while retaining the traditional painting expressions that are representative of Japanese paintings.
The concept behind these works of art is one word, COOL. Core fans have been growing due to the overwhelming impact of the artist's work, which stops their desire to follow any other artist.

Yukyo Yamamoto is highly rated for his work in enlarging what is considered artistic expression through his frottage (rubbing out technique) of 1 yen coins.
This exhibition will display women drawn in Western paintings and works of art with women who work in the red-light district as its motif. Things like sanctity and vulgarity, past and present, real and not real, which usually do not mix with one another all hold the same value on the art floor.

Please enjoy this charming world shown to you by these two talents!