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Go Ogawa: Meteor Shower
Mar. 22 (Thu.) to 28 (Wed.)

Inspired by the glittering stars that fill outer space, Ogawa used polarizing film in conjunction with various materials and surface treatments to create three-dimensional works , where light passed through prisms is refracted to create various types of expression. Come and enjoy the art of an up-and-coming artist about to break into the spotlight.

Go Ogawa
1981 Born in Kanagawa Prefecture
2007 Graduates from Tokyo University of the Arts
2009 Completes graduate studies at Tokyo University of the Arts

Based on the impressive images of our galaxy sent back from the Hubble Space Telescope, I have made use of special films and various materials to channel the light we experience every day, creating roughly 30 different two- and three-dimensional works and installations.
Take in and experience the pervasive light of a meteor shower with your entire body. Go Ogawa