"Junko Hirano Exhibition:
Memories - Ink, Japanese Paper, Silk, Foil,Print and Digital techniques"

Jul. 12 (Thu.) to 18 (Wed.)

Artglorieux will be holding a "Junko Hirano Exhibition: Memories - Ink, Japanese Paper, Silk, Foil, and Digital Versions".
Ms. Hirano graduated from the Department of Japanese Painting at Musashino Art University and later learned various techniques such as silk, ink, foil, and digital, which she used in her new artistic expressions. That is why you can feel from the works both a strong sense of modernism as well as Japanese-style traditionalism.
The themes that Ms. Hirano has covered for all these years are vague “memories” that keep on changing and “memories” that are tied to the land.
This exhibition focuses on works of art that were covered for the rebirth of the National Stadium, those that express new shapes of memories, etc.
We hope you come and see for yourself, works of art that delicately go back and forth between traditional materials and digitalization in a way that only Ms. Hirano is capable of.

Genius Loci (National Stadium)
Genius Loci goes back and forth between digitalization and traditional Japanese materials such as ink, Japanese paper, chalk, foil, prints, and liner to try to express a form of "Memories". "Memories" appear, disappear, and change their shape. The shape only remains in your "Memory" of that time.

The land where the New National Stadium is being built on is a field in Musashino, which used to be a hawk hunting ground a long time ago.
Before long this land had its grass pulled and became the dust floating Aoyama Parade Ground.
At a farewell party held for graduating students at the Aoyama Parade Ground in Showa 18, 20,000 students marched in the pouring rain.
During the Tokyo Olympics in Showa 39, the Japanese Olympic team marched in red blazers on these grounds.
The New National Stadium is currently under construction for the 2020 Olympics.
Pictures of the demolished ruins and the changes to the stadium being constructed are taken as a memory, and then used to find an appropriate expression using ink.
The guide to these memories will become the butterflies and flowers drawn in ink.
They act as our guides and lead us into our memories with which they only have a vague connection to.

The butterfly and the flower are inseparable beings. Without choice, they together share time and place. Yet their memories can be entirely different and transform over time. A memory of the past is only a reflection of the thoughts today.