La Legende Rare Stone Museum
~The Selection of Rare Stones~

May. 17 (Thu.) to 23 (Wed.)

From gems discovered in meteorites to red diamonds and other precious museum quality gemstones of which only a few examples exist in the world, La Legende has carefully selected a collection of rare gems for display in Ginza. The theme of this event is "Ultimate Value in Extreme Rarity"

Beauty, durability and rarity are the qualities that define regular gems.
Among such gems are those that are distinguished by their scarcity and their sheer beauty. These gems are referred to as rare stones. Hard-to-obtain, high quality rare stone gems are also extremely uncommon worldwide — as such, they are rarely gathered together in one place. Rare stone gems possess a value which lies beyond the other qualities sought for in a gem. This ultimate stage of value is called "rarity value" and is derived from an unmatched and overwhelmingly high level of rarity, coupled with an unadulterated form of beauty. We hope you enjoy viewing these artistic gems and miraculous crystals forged in the depths of the earth.

La Legende
La Legende is a jewelry brand which was founded in 2014 by owner Hitoshi Okano, who has over 20 years of experience as a gem collector.
The company focuses exclusively on the production of one-of-a-kind jewelry using only carefully selected rare gems that are not easily available.
Traditional jewelry pieces are forged by master craftsmen in what is called the La Legende style, which features the ample use of fancy cut diamonds. Having received accolades at the 2016 International Jewelry Tokyo trade show, La Legende is currently exhibiting works at numerous department store events in addition to conducting solo exhibitions.
As a collector, Mr. Okano is also actively working to promote the beauty and allure held by rare gems.