Artglorieux Selection NEW STAR ARTISTS
Feb. 15 (Thu.) to 28 (Wed.)

Of late, in what has been hailed as an art boom, a large number of new artists get their start each year.
These new artists include those who have joined a large organization such as Nitten, Inten and SOGA-kai after graduating from art university, as well as those who present their own unique forms of expression outside of formal training programs or groups. Whether they work within the Japanese, western or craft genres, there are actually many artists who pursue their art while being involved in various kinds of activities. Some mainly hold solo exhibitions in department stores or galleries, while others try their luck in public exhibitions or choose to kick-off their careers overseas.

At Artglorieux, we draw on this diversity by collecting and exhibiting works from both established artists who are already making an impact on the art scene, as well as young up-and-coming artists.
As this exhibition does not place restrictions on the types of art displayed, you will see Japanese style paintings alongside works done in a western style, the concrete next to the abstract, as well as portraits and landscapes. Still, we believe that the concepts at the core of each artist's work will be revealed to the viewer.
We hope that you discover a piece that speaks to you and join us in supporting the artist.

<Artists slated for participation>
Mitsuru Ichikawa, Kanako Okuyama, Yuwa Kato, Yu Kawashima, Ai Kumehara, Ayako Goshima, Hiroshi Kobayashi, Eri Komiya, Kageyoshi Koyanagi, Terumi Sakane, Eriko Shiga, Shinya Tamai, Chiaki Nakayama, Nozomi Hirata, Chihiro Fukumuro, Nana Monda, Takaharu Yamashita, etc.