Kenpei Yunde Exhibition: Glimpses of Joy Upon the Ground
Mar. 14 (Thu.) to Mar. 20 (Wed.)

Under every person's feet, one will find earth.
When looking with one's eyes, it is possible to feel the warmth buried deep in the ground, even when it is not visible on the surface—I draw everything starting with the ground. The various colors of ever-changing four seasons, even when not visible on the outside, overlap and intertwine upon the earth's surface,
gradually creating small glimpses of joy from which people can sense, can feel, something very important. This is what I choose to believe.
Kenpei Yunde

In the film "Kazokuwari", a piece created by Yunde was used for the important work painted by the main character Kana Doshita (played by Hana Hizuki). Released on January 19, "Kazokuwari" is currently playing in some theaters nationwide.

<Kenpei Yunde>
Yunde was born in Osaka Prefecture in 1970 and currently lives in Nara Prefecture. He has received the Nichido Art Foundation Prize , Sompo Japan Fine Art Prize, and the Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts (75th Issuikai Memorial Exhibition). Yunde is currently a permanent member of the Issuikai Committee.