BORDER Kayoko Kimura Exhibition
Dec. 13 (Thu.) to 19 (Wed.)

BORDER#1 BORDER#2 Birth Balloon

Kayoko Kimura is an artist who paints flowers using a variety of themes including space, time, and her view on life and death.
Kimura says, "I make each stroke as if I were carving my life into my works of art". True to her words, the elaborately painted flowers appear to hold the life force of Kimura. Originally being a still motif, these flowers appeal their strong presence at times with loveliness and at other times with lustrousness.
The theme of this exhibition "BORDER" means "boundaries".
"A boundary exists between the world we live in and a world that we cannot visualize even if it could theoretically exist. My object is for you to feel the blur between the boundaries when you (the viewer) stand before someone else (the work of art)." This was Kimura's intention when she set the theme of her exhibition.
Kayoko Kimura has garnered attention at the third installment of Quintet’s "Five-Star Artists" in 2017 and then enchanted a large number of international art fans this March at Art Central Hong Kong. This exhibit will display some of her newest works of art.

Kayoko Kimura
1971 Born in Tokyo, Japan
1994 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Majored in Oil Painting Graduation Award
1996 MFA, Tokyo University of the Arts
■ Solo Exhibitions
1995 Gallery Mi-yu, Kanda (’97)
1996 Gallery Muramatsu, Ginza
1997 Gallery Mi-yu, Kanda
1999 Museum of Tokyo University of the Arts, Ueno
2000 Gallery Q, Ginza (‘13, ‘14, ‘15)
2003 Gallery Kaku, Ginza
2007 Gallery Closet, Nishiazabu (‘09, ‘11, ‘13)
2015 Gallery Non Finito, Akebonobashi
2016 Gallery of Nihombashi MITSUKOSHI
2017 Gallery of Tobu Hunabashi
■ Art Fair
2015 Asia Hotel Art Fair, Hong-Kong
Infinity Japan Contemporary Art Show, Taichung
Young Art Taipei, Taipei
2017 Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong-Kong
2018 Art Central, Hong-Kong