Yu-ki Nishimoto's "World of Toubokuga"
Nov. 8 (Thu.) to Nov. 21 (Wed.)

This exhibit will showcase Yu-ki Nishimoto's "World of Toubokuga".
Yu-ki has successfully incorporated a sense of modernity into classic Toubokuga art. His works of art are receiving attention worldwide.
Yu-ki Nishimoto opens up the sparkling brightness of life through a world of "black" and "white". The "Toubokuga" created by Yu-ki is a new form of art that expresses worldviews with ceramic ware as the canvas and sumi-e as the glaze.
Ranging from classical motifs such as dragons and samurai to modern motifs such as athletes, a variety of vivacious expressions are fired into works of art that harbor a certain mystique.
The monochrome works of art that artist Yu-ki Nishimoto creates is so overwhelmingly uplifting that you must come and see it for yourself!

<Sumi-e and Toubokuga Artist Yu-ki Nishimoto>
Yu-ki Nishimoto was born in 1988.
He has been in charge of many projects such as producing images for the popular video game "Sengoku BASARA 4", CG illustrations for the opening of NHK's "News Watch 9", and the opening scene for when the BS TV Tokyo broadcast starts.
Works of art that have pursued a "sense of upliftment" through a touch that isn't bound by traditional techniques yet contain a mix of boldness and sensitivity will be exhibited.
Starting in January 2018, a solo tour exhibition by the name of "Ryu no Kiseki Fukuoka Exhibition" has been held. Approximately 45 thousand visitors attended the first stop of the solo tour exhibition, "Ryu no Kiseki Fukuoka Exhibition", which was held at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum.
Using projection mapping as a means to express sumi-e, a collaborative live event with classic guitarist Kaori Muraji, and other collaborations in a variety of differing fields are among the many ways Yu-ki has made the world his stage.

~What is "Toubokuga"?~
Toubokuga is a work of art where a mud glaze is used to draw on ceramic ware and then firing it to produce the final product. Fire, water, earth, and wind. Combining the strength of nature with the uplifting feeling and overwhelming strength of Yu-ki Nishimoto's drawings leads to the creation of a "Toubokuga", that contains a mystique far above that of human control.

Capture the uplifting moment by drawing a "sumi-e".
"Ceramic ware" is an everlasting work of art that doesn't change.
Yu-ki Nishimoto has fused together differing worlds and given birth to "Toubokuga" a modern form of art.
We'd love for you to view works of art where you can see uplifting "moments" contained within a never changing canvas.