An Artist Wielding the Colors of the Sun and Stars
Anz and the World

June. 13 (Thu.) to June. 19 (Wed.)

Anz Kanie energetically pursues new art and new ideas, day in and day out for her next exhibition. She concluded her 20th year as an artist last year, and in this first year of her new era she has decided to exhibit approximately 100 of her works at two locations: The Ueno Royal Museum and Artglorieux. The Ueno Royal Museum, as a culmination to 20 years of publishing artists' collected works, is exhibiting a collection of hand-picked pieces ranging from their initial showings up through 2018. Artglorieux, on the other hand, will be exhibiting and selling brand-new, previously unpublished works. Gallery visitors can enjoy Kanie's latest art, which features her distinctively bold, supple lines and vivid color expression throughout and provide glimpses into completely new and unknown worlds.
As hinted at in the title of the artist's newest published collection, Anz to Sekai (Anz and the World), these pieces convey to the wider world the magic of Kanie's art from Japan as the nation enters the new Reiwa imperial era.

*A book of collected works by Anz Kanie, covering her 20 years as an artist, has been completed and will be released for purchase at this event.

Anz Kanie was born in Tokyo and works as a printmaker. She also serves as the chairperson for NPO 3.11 Children's Books. Kanie graduated from Jiyunomori Gakuen Junior & Senior High Schoo l and studied printmaking in London. Her works have been exhibited at The Museum Of Contemporary Art, Karuizawa, and numerous other art museums, well-known department stores and other venues throughout Japan and abroad, and her endeavors extend to various fields including children's picture books, essay writing, stage design, mural painting, lectures and more.
Kanie has also organized urban art events for children in Tokyo's Shinjuku and Nerima Wards, Hino City, and other parts of Japan. Following the March 2011 earthquakes and tsunamis in Tohoku, Kanie established a library dedicated to children's picture book in Soma City, Fukushima Prefecture and became the head of the Louis Vuitton and Moët Hennessy Kids Art Maison program in the same city. The artist has also served as a coordinator in the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) Recovery and Education Support Program as part of her efforts to introduce children throughout Japan to the world of art. In addition, Kanie has taken part in numerous corporation collaboration projects, including the design of a promotional car for BMW Japan for their eco-friendly i3 model and the creation of decal designs for Iriomote Wild Cat–decorated aircraft operated by Japan Transocean Air (JTA).