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Ginza Auction of Popular Young Artists' Works
Apr.9 (Thu.) to Apr.15(Wed.)

This exhibition will showcase the works of 30 popular young creators from the art world, each of whom has contributed one of what they consider to be their top works.
In the past, some attendants of our solo and group exhibitions have expressed the desire to purchase certain works and were willing to pay the prices posted, but were unable to do so because priority was given to the gallery's top patrons and participants chosen via lottery. In response, we decided to host this auction-style exhibition as an new, experimental viewing and sales event.
In the event of a winning bid surpassing the stated ask price, the profit will be passed on to the artist, who can then use it for the creation of their next work. In this way, the exhibition will also provide support for the creative activities of young artists.
We hope to see you at the auction!

<Exhibiting Artists>
Aoki Kaori / Shizuka Ando / Mitsuru Ichikawa / Naohiro Ito / Tomomi Inoue /   Kazuho Iwamoto / Yoshitake Ukai / Koichiro Onuma / Rie Osonoi /  Hiroaki Kameyama / Naoko Kubo / Mitsuko Kuroki / Momoko Koie / Eriko Kokawa / Keita Kodama / Eriko Shiga / Eki Tajima / Yuji Chaya / Taiyou Tsue / Kaede Terada / Makoto Toyama / Sae Nakamichi / Megumi Nishiwaki / Akihiro Mitsumoto / Minami Miyata / Mizuha Mori / Yachidakei / Chisato Yamashita / Arisa Yamamoto / Sana Yoshida /

Auction Information:
・The customer must fill out a form provided at the gallery.
・The customer writes down a bid for each piece desired that is equal to or greater than the ask price (minimum sell price) and then put their bid(s) in the bidding box.
・Bids will be checked starting at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 15, and a list of winning bids will be posted in the gallery.
・If multiple bidders place identical winning bids, a fair and impartial drawing will be held to determine the winner.
・Winning customers will be notified via telephone or e-mail. At a later date, a "winning bid notification form" will be sent in a sealed envelope via postal mail (to winning bidders only). This form also serves as a claim certificate used to claim the item won; do not lose this form.
・Additional delivery charges must be paid by the winning bidder for delivery of any auction item.
・We accept bids by e-mail for customers who are not able to make it to the venue in person.
 For more information on exhibited pieces, please contact us at