The Beat Exhibition: Volume Three
Mar.16(Thu.) →Mar.22(Wed.)

Tsuyoshi Nagano Mitsuko Kuroki Kana Tsumura Sana Yoshida Kenki Tsujimoto Junna Maruyama

For the third holding of The Beat Exhibition, Lucasfilm official illustrator Tsuyoshi Nagano will be in attendance. The Beat Exhibition is a group exhibition featuring the works of unique young artists who offer multifaceted, diverse takes on the charms and appeal of Japanese culture. Come down and enjoy the wide variety of energetic works on display!

Supporting Artist : Tsuyoshi Nagano
Artists : Masataka Inukai/Akiko Imabayashi/Emi Osanai/Mitsuko Kuroki/Himena Kokufuta/Madoka Shimizu/Kenki Tsujimoto/Kana Tsumura/Sasano Tezuna/HIRO/Takao Hirabayashi/Hoemu/Junna Maruyama/Sana Yoshida

【The Beat vol.3 Sales Method】(March 16 (Thu) → March 22 (Wed))
Images of works will be available on the web and sales will begin from March 15 (Wed.) 9:00 p.m.(JST).
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